• Do you want more website traffic?

  • Is your website a great lead conversion tool?

  • What do your your customers 'search' for to find you online?

  • Why does Google show your competitors website before yours?

  • Where should your website traffic come from and why?

  • Just how much new traffic is ready waiting for you?

  • What "WORDS" (Keyword phrases) on your website are important?


Online learning where and when you need it.


Grovo Winter Special

 Online Learning KMDM

KM Digital Marketing has partnered with a leading online training provider to create and deliver custom digital marketing learning tracks for our customers, and anyone else who wants to understand how cloud based communication tools work. Basically, we bring the Internet to you!

Billions of people are now connected to the Internet, and cloud-based services increasingly dominate our personal and professional lives. KM Digital Marketing helps you get the most out of these services so you can be more productive and spend time on what matters most.

All elements of your personalized learning track are delivered via the internet so you can log on and access your course content anywhere from the KM Digital Marketing website. We cover:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Basics
  • Productivity Tools
  • Communication
  • Google related services
  • Basic SEO
  • Entertainment




Starter Package     $250 + GST (one off) PP         Get Started

  1. Simple Online Training Questionnaire
  2. An online 2 HOUR SKYPE consultation with a KMDM Learning Assistant.
  3. 12 Months Access to 3000 different online course modules.
  4. Cheat Sheet
  5. Course Testing & Simple Certifications

Coaching Add On       $250 (One off) and then $150 month. PP      Get Started

You can cancel the coaching add on at any time and still receive the benefits of the starter package for the full 12 months.

  1. Includes all services within the starter package
  2. A customized learning track with monthly alerts and updates
  3. A one hour monthly coaching support session with a KMDM learning assistant.
  4. Monthly Email Support

What you need? A PC or laptop with sound, a webcam, and a quiet place to study or chat to our online learning assistant.


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