• “People” are the ones who will take action, and ultimately make the difference on your balance sheet bottom line.


  • “Bot’s are the ones we keep happy to ensure they bring the RIGHT “people” to your door, or in this case, your website.


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A website is no longer about technology. It is about marketing. It is about how can you better reach more customers.

Think of it as a piece of prime real estate (design, copy, graphics and code) where every part has a value and should earn its keep. You have invested in this digital capital platform and it should provide a return on your investment. In other words, your website should be making you money!

At KM Digital Marketing, we don't build websites, we work with highly experienced people who do. Why? We have comprehensive requirements for any new website that includes design, technology, strategy and SEO. We want the best for you, and as a result, we only work with proven developers from trustworthy companies. The result is better value for money for our customers, and piece of mind that a website build we manage will meet both your needs, and most importantly.. your budget.  Talk to us about the best website developers in your region. (We work at least one in most main centers) 

In many cases, we are not building a new website, but working with a pre-exsisting website. We manage content, and optimise it for Google search results. We are experienced with many Content Management Systems. Contact us to learn if we can help you. 0800 273 363

Website Services

$75 Per Hour
Page content updates as needed
$125Per Hour
Most Tech requests
Project Based
Management & reporting
$250One off Fee
Plan of Attack
Risks Management
Developer recommendations

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