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  • Is your website a great lead conversion tool?

  • What do your your customers 'search' for to find you online?

  • Why does Google show your competitors website before yours?

  • Where should your website traffic come from and why?

  • Just how much new traffic is ready waiting for you?

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Social Media

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Is Social Media important?

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At KM Digital Marketing, we believe Social Media is a important component of any SEO strategy. It is also a great opportunity to build brand equity and marketing opportunities for your business. The KEY is planning for success, and monitoring results.

What is Social Media?

Social Media covers a large range of services but most people will probably think of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Pinterest. And the list is growing!

Your customers are on Social Media (76% of New Zealanders use Facebook as of November 2012, UMR Research) and this figure is set to grow. As a business if you want to connect with your customers and engage with them, you can't afford not to be active on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you're not doing it, we can almost guarantee your competitors will be.

You must have a Social Media strategy...

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Custom Social Media Strategies

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry... many of our clients are starting from scratch with little or no experience. We will have you set up, and with a plan that you feel confident delivering, in no-time. Planning is important… there is no point in online engagement without a measurable return!

Social Media Profile setup

KM Digital Marketing can set up and build Social Media profiles for you.
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • ....and more

Custom Facebook Business Pages and Applications

Most businesses start with building a Custom Facebook Business page.

You can use Facebook pages to showcase your brand, build your audience and share content that you think will help your fans.

Facebook Business pages also allow you to build custom applications such as Competition applications, Email / Newsletter sign up forms and Video applications. You can also build an application with E-commerce capabilities or to create surveys so that you can conduct Market Research - the possibilities are endless.

Setting up a Facebook business page

Building digital campaign and advertising schedules.

You have a great profile, brand and offering… now is the time to promote it. Talk to us about the various social media advertising options, eg. Facebook advertising.

Learn more about Facebook advertising.

Content creation project management

We can turn one piece of content into many that are suitable for sharing on different networks. Talk to us about your content needs, eg video, blog items, graphics, copy writing and more.


Help I'm not confident doing it myself 

We understand you might need some extra coaching and mentoring along the way. KM Digital Marketing make sure you and your team can implement and use the tools effectively.

We offer extra coaching sessions - usually done in 2 hour blocks delivered either face to face or online. This typically costs $390NZD + GST


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