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Facebook Review Option Disappeared? Here is why.

Written by Kaylene Moore on Thursday, 23 August 2018. Posted in Online Marketing, General

Before the panic sets in....

Facebook Review Option Disappeared?  Here is why.

Facebook Is Switching Review Ratings to Recommendations.

It is true and my goodness... it is going to cause a stir!

Here is the low-down from the BrightLocal Twitter feed. 

  • Facebook will no longer be collecting review ratings, and instead will request recommendations from users
  • Recommendations are a binary 'Yes/No' choice so reputation managers will need to look into the text of the feedback more to get the true story.
  • 'Rich endorsements' will allow Facebook users to upload images of their business experience to accompany recommendations.
  • New recommendation reporting functionality should make fake reviews easier to flag for moderation than on other platforms.

 Facebook is changing to a Yes/No ‘Recommendations’ system which may completely replace the star system. The average rating out of 5 shown on the page will remain, but it will only take into consideration past reviews and new recommendations.

No official word from Facebook yet, but keep an eye out for any updates on :https://newsroom.fb.com/

And while this wee update may not mean much to a business owner, spare a thought for the MANY companies  with software tools and apps that use Facebook review data, or the companies that developed it! It is going to be a super busy time for them...possibly a slightly painfull one too. 


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